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Boy!  Did we have fun or what?
I hate cranking up the kicker, but sometimes, you just have to get some where.
We were heading to a marina on Table Rock lake in Missouri. There was NO wind.
 Some move with sails, other move with paddles. That thing is big. Crew on the weather deck of that monster were eye level with my mast light as we went by.
 Self furling jib???  What's that? We sail the old fashion way. It's a matter of pride! It's a matter of principal! It's a matter of ...  my wife won't let me spent any money on that boat!
When ducks come up astern and quack for you to move over, it's time to tighten a sheet or something.
 We used to sleep aboard, but that the Rose doesn't have airconditioning. We're getting soft!

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