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  News Flash!!    I'd Rather be Sailing.
LazyGuy.gif (59128 bytes) I am a  week-end sailor who has a life outside of the cockpit. If you enjoy sailing, but can't devote 90% or more of your time to it, then this is the place for you. You will find a kindred spirit who loves the water, his boat, his wife and his family. (Not in that order.) I sail when I can, and dream about it the rest of the time.

Safety is important, so don't overlook advice from seasoned veterans.

Tips on boat maintenance will help you spend time on the water, not in the water. Remember, keep the inside of the boat dry.

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It took several trips but I finally figured it out.
The water belongs on the outside of the hull.

Getting away for the weekend.
We're on our way.
Leaving the cares of the world behind.
It's Working. I feel great.

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If you have comments question or advise, e-mail me at guy@guywheatley.com
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